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Helping a person without being asked #TheWorldNeedsMore

Every person, at some point in its life, from one reason or another, reaches a crossroad. Whether you are struggling to decide between two (or more) job offers or you are thinking to relocate your entire life in a completely different part of the world, you have been in that situation and struggled with it. You might have wondered where to search for help in order to find a (new or better) job.

If we are not geniuses with a clear path in mind, when we find ourselves at a crossroad, we often need help in order to make sure that the direction we choose in life is the correct one. How do we make sure that the help we get is the one we need? The answer is simple: if someone offers you help without being asked, with no strings attached, even if he/she is a stranger, you should accept. It is usually better guidance than your family, your friends will ever be able to provide.

Over 10 years ago, a movie featuring Kevin Spacey called “Pay it forward” presented a way in which the world could become a better place for everyone through a very simple method: helping people we don`t know. While I am usually the kind of guy who likes dystopian society movies like 1984, Equilibrium or even the Hunger Games, this movie impressed me through the fact that, in the real world, simple solutions can change the world.

Today, I am asking myself if people can go beyond the usual public statements on “making the world a better place” and actually doing something about it to help a person, an individual that sits next to them.

I know that I will try to do this as much as possible without asking anything in return. So how can I help you today? 🙂

One thought on “Helping a person without being asked #TheWorldNeedsMore

  1. Today, I’m glad u’re my husband. And proud, again. Hopefully, everybody who reads this article will put into practice the idea of helping someone for real (with advises, money, a home, a meal or more, with clothes, a job, becoming friends, changing somebody’s life).
    I know I’ll try…every time I can. ❤


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