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The child in me

When you first get a job as an expat, many people around you, friends, family, are jealous. They see it as an opportunity for a huge salary (average in my case), great benefits (no benefits for me) and the opportunity to see the world (this is actually correct).

It has now been almost a year since, together with my wife, I made the decision to move to Belgium. We live in Namur, the capital of the Walloon Region, a beautiful city on the Meuse and Sambre rivers (actually at the confluence of the two rivers), while I work in the nearby Gembloux as I have mentioned in previous articles. This job opened me to various opportunities and I got to travel throughout the world from the United Kingdom to Italy and from Uruguay to Indonesia, meeting awesome people along the way.

But I never really seen Belgium.

Well, last Saturday, my wife and I went on a small trip to Bruxelles to do touristy stuff. Getting a good start in the morning our first stop was the Museum of Natural Sciences that people can easily find on Rue Vautier 29, just behind the European Parliament. This was the part of our one day trip that brought out the child in me. Although I`ve been through 10-15 countries in the past 2 years, I never had the opportunity to visit them. I only saw airports, conference and hotel rooms.

At this museum, I could NOT help myself to visit every exposition they had even if it took us almost 4 hours. From the dinosaurs exposition to BiodiverCity, an exposition dedicated to the biodiversity in cities, and to the baby animals and wild animals exposition, I saw them all and got excited in each of them. It`s a great place to visit with friends and a great place to take your children too.

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After making sure at the museum that we can`t feel our feet anymore, we got on the subway and went to Mini Europe, part of the Bruparck development near Heysel Stadium and an absolute must to see for all addictive travelers. Although miniatures may not be to everyone`s liking , Mini Europe is, at the name goes, a mini map of Europe`s greatest attraction from the Eiffel Tour to Big Ben, the Port of Dover, the Channel Tunnel and many other attractions from all 28 EU Members States. It`s a great family attraction and both kids and grown-ups will enjoy it. It`s close to other great attractions like Oceade (water park), the Atomium (iconic building in Brussels aka the “Eiffel Tour” of Brussels) or the Planetarium.

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It was a great day and the child in me loved it.

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  1. It was a great trip. ❤ Love it.
    U forgot to tell about the diversity of restaurants from Bruparck. 🙂


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