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Career counseling #12: the application e-mail

If you do a Google search on how to write the “perfect” cover letter, you’ll probably see articles saying that the cover letter is obsolete. This would be because most employers prefer to read a perfectly crafted email in which you could explain the same things as in the cover letter.

I quite agree with this up to a point. The e-mail is extremely important, but so is the cover

Situation 1:

– you apply for job X at company Y. The email address to send your application is In this case, you should focus on the cover letter. In a generalist email like this, nobody will read the text in the body of the message. Don’t bother with it.

Situation 2:

– you apply for job X at company Y. The email address to send your application is In this case, you have the semi-private email address of the person in charge of the recruitment. Focus on both the cover letter and the email. The person might not download the cover letter or stop to read your email. You should cover all bases because of this. Continue reading “Career counseling #12: the application e-mail”

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Career counseling #11: No option (what to do when you`re unemployed for years)

Greg has a friend called James. After a great start in his career and with a great education, James suddenly lost his job (last year) and is currently on unemployment aid.

He has searched for something for over six months, but, because he`s too pretentious, he hasn’t found anything. He is now searching jobs simpler and paid less than his previous one. He took out things from his resume.

James doesn’t know where to search anymore.

What you should do if you have been unemployed for a long period (months, years) is to find an alternative. HOW TO FIND THE ALTERNATIVE?

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How can I help you today?

Despite what everyone is saying, that I shouldn`t give free advice/help anymore and that I should try to sell myself better, I decided to offer my help to anyone in need for FREE.

My inspiration comes from reading (partially until now) the book of Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) called “The Start-up of You“. By reading this, I came to the conclusion that what has defined me over the years wasn`t my knowledge of a field or another, wasn`t my degrees or different skills, but, in fact, it was my interaction with people. I have always loved to help everyone, never saying “no” to a friend needing help or asking a question. Continue reading “How can I help you today?”

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#GettingPersonal: Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday (February 11th) was my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

I am not a very sociable person offline so, this year, I wanted to see if I can have a calm, relaxing birthday. I made my birth date private on Facebook. Unfortunately I forgot to do the same on LinkedIn and it seems you can’t do this on Skype.

263 friends on Facebook, 2546 connections on LinkedIn and a few relatives. All relatives called (by phone or Skype) to wish me a Happy Birthday. I received about 10 birthday messages on LinkedIn (from persons I don’t remember adding). On Facebook I received three profile posts (my sister, an old friend and a high school colleague born on the same day) and 5 private messages (from people who I really like). YOU SHOULD REALLY READ MORE!

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Tweeting my Facebook!

I had the opportunity during the summer to go to Beijing for the 2nd YPARD China Conference. It was a weeklong trip, got to see some tourist sites (although I`m not really the touristy type), meet some great people and reconnect with others.

I gave a few speeches, had meetings with a few Heads of CAAS (the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences). But the best part of my trip wasn`t either of these. It was the social media training that I was asked to give to the YPARD China team.

There are a few differences between what social media means in China and what does it mean in the rest of the world. If you can`t connect through a VPN, you don`t have access to major networks like Facebook for example. But similarities exist and I did my best to find and explain them properly. Add it goes on