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A Dreamer`s Guide to Reality

ADreamersGuideToRealityCoverThis is my first try on publishing an indie EBook. Thanks to the Smashwords platform that helped me on getting it to all major EBook retailers. Even if it`s free :).

Here is the link where you can find it in different formats (.epub, .mobi, PDF and many others):

I hope you enjoy it and here`s a little summary to get you started.

“A dreamer`s guide to reality is the first part of a short stories collection that is focused on the break between reality and fiction in the mind of a young person. Built as a mesmerizing mix of real life action, character memories and dreams, it shows the readers that the simplest way for the mind to defend itself is by sheltering itself inside it, building up, at the same time, a defense wall that not even the person can overpass.

Although all characters are fictional, the story is based on true events which have been adapted in order to help the reader understand better the life of the leading character.
The story starts off with Gregory waking up in the middle of the night, scared by a dream he could not remember. The feeling of déjà vu follows his actions throughout the story aiding the reader to return to the conflict.

Starting off as a 30 years man living in the suburbs, Gregory gets startled by a recurring dream that shows him as an old man who wasn`t capable of moving past his childhood dramas. Swinging back and forward between a damaged childhood and a movie like adult life, Gregory finds out that there is something strange in his progression in life. Bits and pieces are missing and he must find out why.
Join Gregory on a path to self knowledge and see what is the solution.”

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