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My New Year`s Resolutions

I never wrote my New Year`s resolution down. I always wished, in my head, to do something in the new year that I didn`t do or achieve in the one that passes.

But now, because I really want to do them, I will write them down and update them on this blog as I complete each.

1. Have a baby

2. Learn a new language at least at conversational level.happy-new-year-2015-wallpapers (16)

3. Find a new job.

4. Don`t redesign this blog in the new year.

5. Write twice a week on this blog, at least in the first six months.

6. Write the second part of my short story and get it published (on Smashwords). The first part is called A dreamer`s guide to reality.

7. Start working out (I really need the exercise, but, so far, I was too lazy).

These are my New Year`s resolutions. I`ll update when completed just to make sure that I follow-up.