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What I`m up to!

New Year`s Eve has come and gone. Almost all persons have written their resolutions and most of them have already forgotten them.

Well, it was the first time when I`ve written them so here is what I`ve planned so far, sticky notes and all.

Here is what I have planned for the next couple of weeks.

Daily schedule (and I mean daily, aka 7/7):

≥ 1 hour/day German learning;

≥ 1 hour/day Excel VBA Programming;

≥ 1 hour/day French learning.

Each of these I will replace, as I have considered I learned as much as I can, by other languages and/or computer software.

Beside them, I scheduled time for reading literature, start practicing Tai Chi and writing blog articles (this on a bi-weekly basis). I will also start writing down (when they occur) all my literature related ramblings (like the 2nd part of my short stories collection).

Looking forward for a merry good time :).