Dealing with epilepsy

Wishing to have a seizure is interesting

Back during my Bachelor studies, I had to seizures in the first semester: one in the IT lab and the other before my applied math exam. I think I already wrote about them, but anyway… I had two more colleagues (from a different specialization) who also had epilepsy and seizures in that first semester.

One of the things I realized is that some people are using their seizures to get their way through life. I witnessed someone faking a seizure (the aura part anyway) in order to pass an exam. Easy to say she passed the exam.

But, after discussions on epilepsy forums, I realized some people actually wish sometimes to have a seizure. I was curious why so I “studied” myself before and after a seizure. Continue reading “Wishing to have a seizure is interesting”

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Is God dead?

A few days ago, I watched “God is dead”, a movie from 2014 with a good story, but crappy directing. The story is around a debate between a college student and his philosophy professor on whether God exists or not.

As always, the main argument of an atheist (or agnostic) is that, if God would exist, he wouldn`t allow for natural disasters, illnesses, crimes to exist. We would all live in a perfect world. The main argument of a believer is that “God works in mysterious ways” and we should never question it.

Both are valid arguments if you think about it.

Another argument that I`ve heard from non-believers is that God doesn`t answers when you ask him for help. The counter argument is that, sometimes, the answer is no, but we don`t want to hear it. Once in a while, the story of a vengeful God appears (see the stories of Noah and Moses in the Bible for this). My opinion is that…