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Is God dead?

A few days ago, I watched “God is dead”, a movie from 2014 with a good story, but crappy directing. The story is around a debate between a college student and his philosophy professor on whether God exists or not.

As always, the main argument of an atheist (or agnostic) is that, if God would exist, he wouldn`t allow for natural disasters, illnesses, crimes to exist. We would all live in a perfect world. The main argument of a believer is that “God works in mysterious ways” and we should never question it.

Both are valid arguments if you think about it.

Another argument that I`ve heard from non-believers is that God doesn`t answers when you ask him for help. The counter argument is that, sometimes, the answer is no, but we don`t want to hear it. Once in a while, the story of a vengeful God appears (see the stories of Noah and Moses in the Bible for this).

My opinion is that God exists, in a form or another. It can either be the Christian God, the Muslim Allah or the alien in which the scientologists believe. It can also be found in the evolutionary explanations in science or in the beliefs that the “Universe” is the force that guides us. It can take whatever form we want, whatever form is most trusting for us.

Religions have created the form in which God is depicted in the mind of many. But, sometimes, they hold to tight to this form.

God is what helps you get through hard times, what supports your endeavors, and what guides your thoughts. God is not dead, he doesn`t answer to religion and he lives within you.