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Update to Misconception #1: the things which people with chronic illnesses hate

I wrote two days ago the article on what people with chronic illnesses hate the most (besides the illness itself). See the article HERE.

The main purpose of the article was not to tell people that I have epilepsy or to take something off my soul. The idea was to explain to people what they do (around someone with chronic illnesses) and why they shouldn’t do anymore.

It`s funny: after people found out about my epilepsy, the first thing they did was to behave as they shouldn’t have done it. They sent me sympathy emails, Skype and Facebook messages in which they explained that they support me and that they are right behind me. As I said, it`s funny :).


A few years ago, I heard a saying that sounded like this: “People fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer”. I heard it in Nas` song “Hate me know” (in an adapted form).

This is what I think people should always remember. If you don’t understand, ask questions to help you understand and never try to conquer others, as they might conquer you instead.


2 thoughts on “Update to Misconception #1: the things which people with chronic illnesses hate

  1. I think its nice that you have people to support you. I have CFS and my mum and my doctor are really the only people who understand what it is like. Everyone else just assumes that I’m lazy all the time and don’t want to help or leave the house.


  2. CFS is a condition that is really misunderstood.
    I was saying that, when people find out about your illness, they automatically change their opinion about you. The only thing that changes is an opinion, not a person. I really hate this.


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