Epilepsy and employment

In relation with my earlier post called “Epilepsy at work sucks“, I got a weird message from a recruiter I once met. It wasn’t a “professional encounter” (aka interview).

He mentioned that, in some countries, it is indeed illegal to ask, in any form, if a person has a chronic disease/disorder. But, in most European countries, there is a practice to ask if “you are a person with a disability” and if you need special assistance for participating in tests/interviews. They actually give a very comprehensive list of diseases/disorders to “choose from“. The list includes epilepsy too.

I know about this thing, but I didn’t knew that, in some cases, this is managed directly by the applicant tracking software. Some filters are set to take the disability option into account (which is a positive thing), but sometimes the software malfunctions and turns the option into an additional filter (which is a negative thing).

My acquaintance told me that this happens mostly for high traffic job applications aka in multinationals.

Weird, isn’t it? I wonder how many of my applications got filtered out just because I have epilepsy.