Dealing with epilepsy


Ever since I was diagnosed with epilepsy, everyone told me that all stimulants (alcohol, coffee, drugs – like crystal meth, cocaine etc.) are off-limits because they might cause a seizure. That’s something that all persons with epilepsy are told.

But someone recently told that his neurologist recommended moderation instead of abstinence. If you drink a glass of wine once in a while, it’s ok. That’s something weird. I told my neurologist and he said the same.

So what’s the deal?!? Marijuana is now considered as a possible alternative to current meds even if THC (the active substance) is considered as having stimulant effects.

I never drank, smoked any of the possible stimulants out of principle. I would try medical marijuana, but I am still curious whether or not alcohol, caffeine and so on are still off-limits or just moderation is recommended.