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Career counseling #1: The first steps into your career

I`ve met four types of people in my life so far:

– the ones that, after graduating, have no idea what they want to do and get the first measly job they find in order to make money, whether they like it or not;

– the ones that, after graduating, are so confused about what to do next that they do more studies to avoid facing reality;

– the ones that, after graduating, know exactly what they want to do and do everything they can to achieve it;

– the ones that, after graduating, know exactly what they want to do, but are too afraid to do it.

I fit into the second group.

Here are some things that I`ve learned from my personal experience and that of people close to me.

© 2012 Jason "Danger" Block | All Rights Reserved
© 2012 Jason “Danger” Block | All Rights Reserved

If you have no idea what to do after your studies (high school, Bachelor, Master, PhD), then don`t choose the first good thing that appears in front of you, the thing that might give you some money on the short-term. Wait for a few days, weeks, months. Start thinking of it when you start your last year of your studies and plan for it.

Here`s an example: I have a friend, let`s call him Greg. Greg, shortly before graduating, received a job offer that sounded too good to be true: work in a cutting edge field that was then beginning to be noticed, a nice salary and the possibility of a fast promotion as it was a small company with an exponential increase in business volume.

Greg took this opportunity and began working one month before his final exams. Taking a few days off to take the exams was his only choice. Known by his colleagues and professors as a high achiever, he got average grades, grades that, sometimes, he laughed about. Two months after the exam, he quit the job, understanding that this wasn`t his dream job. Actually, it was a job that he hated.

Greg returned to school and, to have his own money, continued getting jobs after jobs that he usually quit from after a few months.

He still has no idea of what he wants to do with his life.

A conclusion: if you`re not sure if you want to do something, than don`t do it. You should be 100% sure (or at least 90 or 51% even) before doing something which will definitely affect your entire life.

P.S.: if you would like some advice/comment on what to do next or just share your story, leave a comment.