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Academia #1: Rural – urban interactions: influences on the rural development process

I’m introducing a new category, that of “academia“. I’m publishing my scientific articles from the last 5 years. The first one is an article on “rurbanization” or the urbanization of rural communities (and backward). It was among the first articles I wrote during my PhD studies so don’t be too harsh.

“The interactions that occur between urban and rural can realize a strict separation of these two areas, their populations and their activities here. This is being reflected in the division of policies on spatial and sectoral criteria, urban planners usually concentrating on the importance of urban centers as commerce and transportation nods in the regional policy giving little attention to agricultural or rural-led development. The research on these things has taken into consideration the following indicators: aging indicator, average number of rural inhabitants, active occupied population, infant mortality, the average index of poverty and others. READ MORE