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Do you want to be a superhero?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? Being able to fly, saving the world from harm? Well, I did. I imagined using my “powers” in order to save the world from war, hunger, from…everything that is bad out there. I might not be able to fly, stop a speeding train or stuff like that, but I still believe that if I put my abilities and knowledge to the use of mankind I can be a superhero.

Children today don`t believe in superheroes anymore, unfortunately. They don`t dream of becoming superheroes, they don`t imagine themselves flying or saving the world. They have different dreams and goals that are tainted by … money. If you ask a child what he wants right now, he will say either toys or money. If you will ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, most will say … rich. Very few children keep saying that they want to be fire fighters, football players, ballerinas … superheroes. They forget to dream.

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The unknown superhero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stressed out by financial burdens, we forget that what we do and say affect those around us. We forget that our children follow our example and start considering money as the only thing worth fighting for in live.

Soon, we will have a new generation that will live and die solely for making money, without any other goals. They will lose out on the many wonderful experiences that we have been through: travelling to distant countries (to see new places, not to buy new places), meeting new people just for the sake of socializing with them (not for doing business), watching a movie to laugh or cry (not to rate an actor`s performance), going out to dinner to enjoy a good meal (not to rate a restaurant) and so many others.

What can we do? It`s simple. Stop being an ordinary person and be a superhero for those around you. Offer whatever kind of help you can to those beside you and you will all see the world in a different way. Help the younger generation dream big and they will soon want to become superheroes.

2 thoughts on “Do you want to be a superhero?

  1. I love it. And I love your idea. It’s great. For a while now, I wanna be a superhero…I really do. I wanna help the world. I wanna teach everybody the power of meditation…and how to meditate. I wanna teach the world all the good things that I know.
    I definitely wanna be a superhero. 🙂


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