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Back in 2012, the GCARD 2 (2nd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development) took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I had the opportunity to attend it.

My role there was simple: I attended as an EFARD and a YPARD member. As a member of EFARD, I needed to attend a 2 hours board meeting (in a week). As a YPARD member, I attended a social media training given by Peter Casier and became a Social Reporter, blogging and tweeting from the conference. It was the first time (from a lot of…) when I passed my daily tweeting limit (in just one hour) and needed to cool down and wait for it to pass. Continue reading “YPARD at GCARD2”

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10 things my dream job should have

I am always trying to challenge myself and get involved in better and bigger things. I am used to multitasking and doing things in a very fast pace.

But people are always asking me if I would have to choose just one job, one organization, what would this be?! Continue reading “10 things my dream job should have”

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Do you want to be a superhero?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? Being able to fly, saving the world from harm? Well, I did. I imagined using my “powers” in order to save the world from war, hunger, from…everything that is bad out there. I might not be able to fly, stop a speeding train or stuff like that, but I still believe that if I put my abilities and knowledge to the use of mankind I can be a superhero. Continue reading “Do you want to be a superhero?”


My opinion on Global #FoodSecurity is the best opinion

In the past 20 years, Food security has become a major discussion topic on the global agenda. Everyone, from local communities to international NGOs and the United Nations Secretary General, has become increasingly worry about the pending food crises and the fact that we will soon be unable to feed our increasing population. Continue reading “My opinion on Global #FoodSecurity is the best opinion”


Challenging your Thought(s) For Food

A few years ago, when I first attended Syngenta`s Forum for the Future of Agriculture I found out about the TFF Challenge, a competition aimed at students of all levels that has set an objective to “feed 9 billion by 2050” by unleashing the creative potential of youth in designing innovative solutions for ending world hunger. Continue reading “Challenging your Thought(s) For Food”