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Epilepsy at work sucks

I had many jobs and my CV looks like that of a teenager that worked flipping burgers each summer for some extra cash (except that my jobs didn’t involve burgers).

I wrote before about the only seizure I had at work and how co-workers reacted. That was great.

But, in general, there is a problem, either when having an interview or a few months after the employment. I experienced both. Continue reading “Epilepsy at work sucks”

Dealing with epilepsy

My “favorite” seizure: epilepsy at work

My first job, back in 2008, was in consultancy. To be more precise, I wrote project proposals that helped private/public sector entities to get European funding. My second job was the same.

The field is an extremely tiresome and stressful. It was a job where the smallest mistake could have cause a project to be successful or rejected.

During the one year, I spent in the second company, I had a seizure at work. It came after a few long days, a week or so┬ábefore a project submission deadline. But my colleague and bosses were great. Continue reading “My “favorite” seizure: epilepsy at work”