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#FrenchClass revival: the games

My French class isn’t your ordinary “teacher talks, students listen”. Most of the time of┬áthose 4 hours/day is spent playing. And I don’t mean playing PS or Xbox video games.

We’re playing “icebreakers” (let`s put them in that category).

Here is an example. Pushing benches aside and making room in the middle of the class for everyone, we played a little game relating our likes and dislikes and discussing them. With five circles drawn in the middle, we were asked to tell others if we hate or adore something like politics, the cold or Belgium.

The most interesting responses came regarding politics. Out of 17 students (+ the teacher), 17 people said they HATE politics and political debates. Guess who said he loves politics?! YOU SHOULD REALLY READ MORE!

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The politics of “I don`t care”

I wrote yesterday about “the inexistent Food crisis” and why people should give it more food for thought when it comes to food crisis and governing their own capacity of surviving a crisis.

Now, I would like to go beyond this and see why people don`t care about (food) politics. Continue reading “The politics of “I don`t care””

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Short essay on humanity

Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings.

We live in a world that, although it has borders, it is limitless. People can travel anywhere, see anything, experience every feeling that ever existed, but we are not satisfied. We try to impose borders on ourselves, we fight today to be recognized as not belonging to “their community”, to be labeled as part of a smaller group. We fight today to impose limits to a world in which yesterday people have fought so that it didn`t have any. And we applauded them. Continue reading “Short essay on humanity”