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#TOCS2013 highlights: from #WebUsability to Revamps and #SocialMedia

From Day 1 the discussions at the Technical Online Communications Workshop (or #TOCS2013 as you can find us on Twitter) organized by the CGIAR Consortium and Bioversity International the discussions have been very intense. From social media strategies, tools we moved on to pliers, analytics, plugins and extensions, depending on the CMS-es (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Liferay or, the preferred one: DroomlaPress-the only CMS that has it all) that each of us uses on a daily basis.

Because this “wasn`t enough”, we moved on in Day 2 to web analytics, usability and web optimization. People had the opportunity to talk about the ins and outs of Google Analytics and the custom made dashboard that some use for SEO. We had a chance to see the effect of meta tags on your Page Rank and page speed. The showcase from IFPRI and Mulugeta Bayeh was the “cherry on the cake”. The SEO  followed naturally after we found out from Jerry Lavina (from IRRI) what we need to do in order to secure our website. The audience had a great input on this subject, especially through the insights of Darell Sison from CIMMYT.

On Day 3, the World Fish Centre (through Samuel Stacey) and the CGIAR Consortium (through Antonella Pastore) we reached the more technical subjects of web usability and the site revamps. The tricks & trips on how to do a website revamps were presented. Chuck away that .htaccess redirect. The work that Antonella and her team done on the CGIAR website was tremendous, but it was wortwhile as you can see.

But we aren`t all technical. We can talk about MooTools, Jqueries and MySql all day long and perhaps fight among us on which CMS is better, but we also have fun.

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If you want to learn more, follow the life broadcast HERE and join the conversation on Twitter through the hashtag#TOCS2013. We`ll be here all week so feel free to join us for a great workshop on Technical Online Communications.

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