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#GettingPersonal: past or future decisions

There comes a time in a person`s life when he realizes that they totally screwed up a decision in the past. And that decision haunts him now. There are two ways in which a normal person reacts.

1. “The past is the past” – this is the most common. People say that a decision in the past cannot be changed so we now live in the present and look only towards the future.

2. “I don’t care” – this is the new style way. I took the decision, I don’t care anymore about it or if it was good or bad. DEFINITELY READ MORE!

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When being right is wrong in life?

You are always making decisions and communicating them externally. Some decisions are wrong, some are right.

When you are wrong about a decision you made, the right thing to do is to redefine the factors that you took into account during the decision making process and try to come up with a new conclusion.

When you are right, and if this decision is supported by all the factors you took into account, the correct way to move forward with it is to communicate it to third parties and to implement it. Continue reading “When being right is wrong in life?”