Dealing with epilepsy

[Guest post #3]: I am a drug trafficker

The third guest post comes directly from Germany from Janis. Enjoy!

I was travelling from Bruxelles to New York for a short vacation in the US. As Germany is part of the Visa Waiver Program, I only applied for an ESTA online, without seeking additional info from the embassy.

That was my mistake, I admit it. I only checked a few website, the FDA’s in particular. I followed all instructions: getting a letter in English from the doctor etc.

Arriving in New York was “interesting”: after waiting for the bags, I was “kindly” asked by the Border patrol to come to their office for extra inquiries. This is when I started freaking out. Arriving there, I was submitted to a 2-hours long discussion regarding my meds.

Why am I bringing them in the US? Are they only for personal use? Aren’t there any FDA approved counterparts which I could take? Do I have the letter from the doctor stating that was my treatment and for what? How long can I stay without my meds before having a seizure?!? <- this was the weirdest one.

And remember, I was only staying there for 8 days and I brought meds for 9 days. Just in case I lose a pill or drop it.

It seems that was the problem. That extra day didn’t exactly match what the doctor said in the letter. After those 2 hours, I had a seizure in the Border patrol’s office. Upon waking up, I saw two officers gravitating over me and a doctor.

I was told my entry into the US was denialied because I lied about the quantity of drugs that I need.

I left for home on the next available flight (and was escorted there by the Border patrol) and went home with a story.