Dealing with epilepsy

[Guest post #1]: Job seeking for a person with #epilepsy

My first guest blog post comes directly from the US: Orlando from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

People said to me that a person with epilepsy can’t do the same job as a person (without epilepsy) can, at the same level of experience, education, skills set. So that person with epilepsy should look at a level lower than what they think is good for them.

I think this is crap. I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 20 years ago and, since then, I studied my ass off and worked, from day 1, in a competitive field at a level which many of my colleagues reached after a few years.

But, as it goes, I’m unemployed right now.

The state says that, as an epileptic, I have the right to be hired according to my skills and experience (even if I have epilepsy), and that I should disclose my disorder in that “equal opportunities” form. Weird enough is that, for those jobs I disclosed my disorder in the form, I never got called to an interview. Only for those were I didn’t disclose anything.

I’m sick and tired of all this now. Job seeking: writing resumes, cover letter, applying on LinkedIn etc.

P.S.: Did you know that, in those crappy anti-discrimination forms, epilepsy is considered as a mental disease along side with schizophrenia and stuff like that?