Dealing with epilepsy

Normality for a person with epilepsy

When I speak (online) with people with epilepsy, most of them say they are trying to live a normal life. Others say they want to feel normal.

So my question was: what is normal for a person with epilepsy?

For me, although I strive to become seizure-free, normal includes my meds, their side-effects, the “white gloves” and many other things. I can’t honestly say that I live and think the same way I didn’t before being diagnosed.

For most of my life, I was that shy little kid with great results at school, but who couldn’t talk to a girl. Over the years, things changed, but not too much. That shyness was part of an “emotionally inactivity” so to name it. I couldn’t care less and the opinions (or feelings) of others didn’t really matter. This made me, more or less, indifferent.

Sarcasm became my trademark and it still easy today (even if I try to tone it down a little).

This is normal for me: having epilepsy, but not being defined by it, having the same personality flaws and strengths and being…me.