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Getting entrepreneurial #3: the 50% rule

I read an article and watched a YouTube video 2 days ago. It was on the “startup madness” that we see all around us. Everyone wants to create the next Facebook or a million dollars business in agriculture. Let`s say, all people wants to hit it big and this in just a couple of months.

Of course, the majority will do everything to have this: work for hours and hours, sacrifice their private life and forgetting they have a family and friends. That`s so wrong from my point of view.

If I would ever get caught in this “startup madness”, I would follow the 50% rule. It says that you should invest in your work with 50% more (time and resources) than you did before. If you worked before for 8 hours a day, you should do it now for 12. If you invested $100 in your creative work, you should now invest $150.

Having the time for your family (and friends) does not only help maintain the relationships (which is extremely important), but it also keeps you sane.

You need some off-time to relax and unwind. If not, your work will have the opposite effect of what you want. It will make you anxious, it will make you hate what you`re doing and, in the end, it will make you work less efficient.