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Grown-ups and a 1-year old

Last night, I went at a birthday party for a 1-year old baby. It is Dima, the little baby of my friends Marwan and Basma. For me, it was a first. I’ve never attended something like this.

I saw last night how, for an infant, the parents` creativity explodes and their eyes are just full of joy. The apartment was decorated with lady beetle designs everywhere: the party hats, the glasses and the plates etc. The ceiling had, I guess, about 50+ balloons, all very colorful.

The birthday party started at 20.00. All the guests (family and friends) arrived and the music was turned on. Dima was already the center of the party. Dressed up by Basma in a little princess outfit, she was simply radiant. The food was great (Iraqi specialties), the company was great also. I’ve met a few new people who, as the entire family, where very kind.

As the party dragged on, I saw how the adults were enjoying themselves, but the kids (3 in total) were becoming sleepier and without energy. Notwithstanding, they kept up the rhythm of the adults and partied on.

It was a nice evening.