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My iPad is acting up

Last January, I bought myself an iPad Air as an early birthday present. It`s fun to work with and fun to play on it. The apps are easy to use, especially the “Office” apps that I received for free from Apple.

But, since I updated to iOS 8 a while ago, I really have problems with it. Some of the apps (third-party ones) like Chrome or Facebook shut down by themselves. It doesn`t all the time, but it is becoming annoying.

Recently, the problems became more serious and, I guess, it`s directly an iOS problem. My iPad simply reboots itself aka it shuts down momentarily, for a few seconds, and then restarts by itself.

I already spent my “90 minutes” of Apple Support which you normally receive when you buy an Apple device and now I can`t afford to buy some extra “Support”.

I updated my iOS every time a new version appeared (just updated to 8.1.2) and, when my problems with Chrome (this was the first app to shut down). I cleared my cache and everything else that might have caused the problem. I haven`t exposed my device to extreme temperatures, dropped it or threw it in my bathtub or a puddle.

As I said before, Apple and iOS “rule”.