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Career counseling #6: the IAU/UNESCO list

My friend Greg recently applied for a position in an United Nations specialized agency (I won’t give the name). As you remember, Greg has lots of diplomas in his field of expertise, from Bachelor to PhD. He also has several years of experience in the same field. These things would definitely get him a similar job (as the one he applied for) in any international organization, corporation, iNGO or research institute.

But there is a catch (again). After he applied, Greg saw a small paragraph in the job posting under “Additional information”. It said: “Please note that this UN agency will only consider academic credentials or degrees obtained from an educational institution recognized in the IAU/UNESCO list”. IAU stands for International Association of Universities. UNESCO, well, you know what it stands for (the culture and education part of the UN). Read more on what the UN asks from you.


.@GrazianodaSilva: the world needs to learn from China’s success in reducing hunger

ROME, June 3 (Xinhua) — The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations said Monday that China has saved almost 100 million people from hunger, a reduction of 37.6 percent over the past two decades that puts it on track to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goal of halving the prevalence of poverty and hunger by 2015. Continue reading “.@GrazianodaSilva: the world needs to learn from China’s success in reducing hunger”

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The rural-urban divide in #FoodSecurity

For decades now, researchers have noticed a new trend in migration. While 100 years ago, about 85% of all people were living in the countryside, today only 50% of people are living in rural areas. And, as the number of rural inhabitants decreases (with about 180000 people each day), so does the number of people going into agriculture. As I have stated in several previous blog posts, the number of young people going into agriculture is decreasing and we face an ageing population. As an example, in Europe only 6% of all farmers are under 35 years old, while more than 80% are over 55 years old. Continue reading “The rural-urban divide in #FoodSecurity”


My opinion on Global #FoodSecurity is the best opinion

In the past 20 years, Food security has become a major discussion topic on the global agenda. Everyone, from local communities to international NGOs and the United Nations Secretary General, has become increasingly worry about the pending food crises and the fact that we will soon be unable to feed our increasing population. Continue reading “My opinion on Global #FoodSecurity is the best opinion”