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Career counseling #15: Is omission a lie?

In my “career counseling” posts, I usually write things from my point of view: what to do and what not do.

But this time is a bit different. I want to ask you if you believe that leaving something out of your CV is actually a lie.

'Yes, I suppose certain narrow-minded people would call it a ‘pack of lies' - I prefer to think of it as creative up-selling.'

For example, I hold quite a few diplomas and have experience at various levels.

When applying for a job that requires a Masters, should I leave my PhD out of my CV?

When applying for a job that requires 1-3 years of experience, should I leave some prior experience out?

The reason that I am asking this is because, well, I can`t find a job. The answers that I get, either before or after an interview (if I get there), is that I am either underqualified or overqualified.