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How I will job hunt from now on!

I’ve been unemployed for almost 5 months now. In the meantime, I applied to a few jobs and went to a few interviews. At one company, the recruiter invited me to the interview because she hadn’t seen a resume like mine before (a whole bunch of studies and experience linked to the field in every kind of organization). She just wanted to chat with me unfortunately. I passed a couple of interviews at that specific company, but didn’t get the job because my profile didn`t fit the job description.shutterstock_48556021

Right now, I am no longer applying for jobs where I don’t fit the profile perfectly. I did that in the first couple of months because I was desperate (I’ve never been unemployed and always like to work on new things). But, as I said, I only got a few interviews and a lot of “We are sorry to tell you that…” messages.

Thus, my new job hunting strategy involves only two things: Continue reading “How I will job hunt from now on!”