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Scinamation: Food Security

The hidden Global Food Crisis – brought by RiAus (Royal Institution of Australia)RiAus brings science to people and people to science. It creates real and virtual spaces in which people can listen, talk and think about science in all its shapes and forms, and develop innovative and accessible ways of engaging the general community. It sets out to raise scientific awareness and the level of debate on critical issues around science and technology. RiAus strives to highlight the importance of science in everyday life. Continue reading “Scinamation: Food Security”

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What is food insecurity? An explanation

Have you ever wondered why more than 850 million people around the world go to bed at night starving?

Have you ever wondered how is it to work for food, not to make your life better?

To answer questions like these, we first must find out what is Food (In)Security.

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Thomson Reuters Foundation
Script/Voice: Alex Whiting
Animation: Amelia Wong

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The politics of “I don`t care”

I wrote yesterday about “the inexistent Food crisis” and why people should give it more food for thought when it comes to food crisis and governing their own capacity of surviving a crisis.

Now, I would like to go beyond this and see why people don`t care about (food) politics. Continue reading “The politics of “I don`t care””