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Why I started counting my seizures again

For those who read my earlier post, you already know that I stopped counting my seizures between 2001 and 2005. This was the decision of an adolescent (I was 17 years old in 2001) who didn’t want his life overturned by epilepsy.

In 2006, a series of events came into play. I started my Bachelor studies in 2003 and, soon after, I had seizures “out-in-the-open”. I wasn’t ready to tell everyone that I had epilepsy. But, in my junior year, I had a seizure in the IT lab, almost breaking a keyboard with my head (I┬ástill have a scar over my left eye). After that I had a seizure in front of the grocery store near my dorm and so on. Before my first exam (math), I had a seizure (5 minutes before to be more precise). Continue reading “Why I started counting my seizures again”

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How #SocialMedia should be used in higher education for #FoodSecurity?

Ever since I attended the GCARD 2 and have been a part of the Social Reporting team deployed there by YPARD and the CGIAR, I have been wondering how can Social Media be best used to create the premises for global food security.

As a researcher on global food security policies and a social media geek, I realized that if you want to reach a big impact in either fields you have to first educate, then disseminate the knowledge you gained in order to increase its impact. Continue reading “How #SocialMedia should be used in higher education for #FoodSecurity?”