Dealing with epilepsy

My medicine so far

Since I had my first seizure on January 1st 1999 (at 5am), I’ve been through a number of medicine. Each time the problem was that my body got used to them real quickly and doses increased, medicine changed.

I started of with Phenobarbital in 2000 and reached the maximum dose of 400 mg/day in 2002 in a single dose per day. I had quite a few adverse effects: dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, continuous headaches among others.

In 2004, when I started my Bachelor studies (in another city), I changed my neurologist and, of course, she changed my treatment. I started Carbamazepine and reached 1600 mg/day (in two doses) in 2008. Among the side effects were: dizziness, headaches, trouble sleeping, sudden mood swings, ataxia and I could go on. Continue reading “My medicine so far”