Dealing with epilepsy

Some people are idiots, crazy, weird and more

This last guest post is not really a post. It came from a conversation (on Facebook) I had two weeks ago with someone from Orlando, Florida. His name is Walter.

Walter said that he doesn’t have epilepsy and neither does anyone he knows, unless they are hiding it from him. For me, the last statement sounded weird, so I asked more details.

Walter said that people with epilepsy should be ashamed because they have it, because “they are scaring people on the streets, in cinemas, everywhere” (direct quote). Again, I asked for details. This is when I realized he’s a bigot. Walter said that “epileptics are directly responsible for their disease” because “they don’t believe in God and, if they believe, than it’s not the right God, for sure“. Continue reading “Some people are idiots, crazy, weird and more”