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What are Climate-Smart Villages?

This story highlights the Climate-Smart Village activities in South Asia

It is not unusual for farmers to give up on agriculture when repeatedly having to deal with erratic and extreme weather events. For Horil Singh, a farmer from Rajapakar in India, changes in the summer temperatures and delayed rainfall severely affected his crop planning.

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Raising hope: Africa feeding Africa

The past week was incredible. A fast paced series of event reported by a great team of social reporters brought together Africa‘s brightest in an attempt to give it the push it needs in order to reach its destiny. Even if many young people say that discussing agriculture and/or policy making is, well, boring, the AASW6 was certainly NOT. Continue reading “Raising hope: Africa feeding Africa”


Closing the gender gap in agriculture: Which way, Africa?

Over 70% of people in sub-Saharan Africa depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. In sub-Saharan Africa, over 60% of employed women work in the agricultural sector and a significant number of them are smallholder farmers. Thus, it may be rightly said that African women are the backbone of the continent’s agriculture and nutrition. Continue reading “Closing the gender gap in agriculture: Which way, Africa?”


The Urban Food Security challenge: a step towards winning the Hunger Games

Are the Hunger Games real?

If you read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy or watch its 2012 film adaptation with Jennifer Lawrence, for some of you the settings of the book/movie would seem very familiar: a dystopian society where people live in (sometimes extreme) hunger and poverty and are obliged to fight forfood and survival. It the surreal world of Panem presented in ‘The Hunger Games’, it seems that a few of the world`s rich control the food supply and that give food to those in need. Continue reading “The Urban Food Security challenge: a step towards winning the Hunger Games”