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Academia #2: Food scarcity as a trigger for civil unrest

In its most basic definition, a “food riot” is defined as an expression of competing claims over a limited food supply. A complete definition of “food riot” must consider both the economic and social aspects, while also including the political issues in its analysis.marsden-iran-twitter72Food riots often occur if there is a shortage or an unequal distribution of food. Usually, these are caused by food prices rises, insufficient storage facilities, food speculation,transport problems, hoarding, poisoning of food or pests attacks, weather related factors or many other factors. READ MORE HERE
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Academia #4: Rurbanization

The rurbanization process classifies rural spaces in five different types: rural space in close proximity to major urban centers, rural space used for tourism, rural space with activities diversification, rural space predominantly agricultural and rural space in difficulty.
This classification is based on the proximity of rural communities to major 
urban centers and their influence on rural economic activity. READ MORE HERE

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How I would teach agricultural economics

I recently  received an offer to teach agricultural economics at a Chinese university. After getting a little background info about the university and life in those cities, I decided to refuse it. But the interest in teaching agricultural economics is still there, pushing me from the back. So I`ve started thinking how I would teach agricultural economics to students, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The prerequisites I would ask for a course in Ag Econ would definitely be an Economics course and a communications one. The Economics prerequisite might split into two courses, depending on the university and what curricula they have: Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. I would like the communications one to be split between policy communications and corporate or digital communications. Here are the teaching methods.