Dealing with epilepsy

Living with epilepsy – how bad it is

But this isn’t the way in which a kid should live his childhood. I don’t have many seizures per year, just 10-15 maximum, all tonic-clonic and, rarely, absence ones (3 in over 25 years).

I decided to make changes. Since being on Briviact (aka the new Keppra), I noticed mood changes, getting angrier easily, and many others – I decided to find a psychologist that could help me tone these done. My body needs changes too: soon enough, I’ll restart doing Tai Chi (once I find a teacher and a group to practice with) and, why not, try acupuncture.

After 25 years of trying stuff, I’m still baffled that science hasn’t found at least something to control epilepsy, if not cure it. My neurologist proposed brain surgery a few times, but I can’t let someone touch and cut the piece of me I consider priceless.

What do you think is good for a person with epilepsy to do to not influence (too much) the life of those around him/her? Suicide and living alone in a mountain cabin are not options :-).