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Career counseling #13 : what to do when you`re rejected

Greg is back.

He is still job hunting, but things are improving. A couple of weeks ago, he gave computerized tests (logic, creative, personality, technical etc.) for a job in the public sector, as a director of … something. It`s a very long title in an institution with a very long name so I cannot say it even if I was trying to remember it.

Unfortunately, he failed those tests. He passed 31 of the 33 tests that he took. Yes…33 tests (in one day). It was a very long day for

He also had a job interview over Skype for a policy research position in the non-governmental sector. He had a few problems with the connection: his webcam didn`t work, the sound on his side wasn`t great. He couldn`t her perfectly some of the questions so he started rambling about things not related to it. Despite of these setbacks, Greg believed that the interview went great and he waited and waited (…and waited) for a response (negative or positive) and feedback on the interview. He didn`t receive it (so far). Continue reading “Career counseling #13 : what to do when you`re rejected”