Dealing with epilepsy

Epilepsy tracking

It’s been more than 1 year since I last wrote here. It’s been an interesting period, with ups and downs.

But the reason I’m writing is not to share life’s challenges. It’s to talk about interesting options I found on tracking my seizures.

There are several possibilities: epilepsy monitors and trackers, apps and journals.

Personally, I’m using Google Docs. Here is the list of epilepsy seizures I ever had: My epilepsy journal.

While after a seizure you are still fuzzy, with a bad aftertaste in your mouth from the blood you have when biting yourself, you will probably realize, with 1-hour or so, that you had a seizure. This is when I write down that I had a seizure (and go back to that restful post-seizure sleep).

But there are smart options.

-> Everyone with frequent seizures (or their parents) have, at least once, googled and found Embrace2 (and similar devices). Embrace2 from Empatica (a smartwatch paired with your smartphone) or Smart Monitor (an app on your smart device) are the most well known in their categories.

However, in my experience, if you don’t have 10-20 seizures/day, these aren’t really useful.

-> For people with fewer seizures, it is recommended to have a journal where you can write all your seizures, duration, etc. You have good options on Amazon if you want to make it pretty (and) special.

In the end, the best option is the one that makes me more comfortable.


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