Dealing with epilepsy

My Ethiopian seizure

In 2014, I went to Ethiopia for the “Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security” conference (organized by IFPRI). The name is more complex than the conference itself.

I had the opportunity of giving a presentation in their “Rapid Fire Presentations” part. Of course, I was very timid, as always, and I’m not sure if people understood what I was saying.

Anyway…I’m just bragging.

In the morning of the second of the conference, I woke up on the bathroom floor with a few bruises and my lips bitten a bit. It wasn’t really visible, but it was enough for me to know what happened.

I was preparing to go and listen a few other presentations and to comment or ask questions, when, suddenly, it happened.

I’m telling you his I found that common factor of my seizures: extremely long flights (or any kind of transport). The exception was my trip to Uruguay.  

I don’t know why, but I’m happy. For both Uruguay and Ethiopia.

Dealing with epilepsy

[Guest post #1]: Job seeking for a person with #epilepsy

My first guest blog post comes directly from the US: Orlando from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

People said to me that a person with epilepsy can’t do the same job as a person (without epilepsy) can, at the same level of experience, education, skills set. So that person with epilepsy should look at a level lower than what they think is good for them.

I think this is crap. I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 20 years ago and, since then, I studied my ass off and worked, from day 1, in a competitive field at a level which many of my colleagues reached after a few years.

But, as it goes, I’m unemployed right now. Continue reading “[Guest post #1]: Job seeking for a person with #epilepsy”


Guest bloggers invited to write about #epilepsy

I started writing my first blog back in 2003 using a Tripod (Lycos) hosted free website. It looked awful. It counted 3 articles. I abandoned it quickly. Afterwards, I had other tries, none with more success. I moved around from Blogger to WordPress and another few platform just to get the feel of it.

Now I am happy to say that I reached my 500 blog post :).

So, for each hundred, I am inviting guest bloggers to write articles on anything related to epilepsy. No charges, no nothing. I will edit the blog post in case any inappropriate language is used or that the article is pure publicity.

Email me at to get in touch if you want to write a guest blog post.

Dealing with epilepsy

Routines and how some aren’t really important

For some time now, I wanted to write an article on this: the day-to-day routines to which a person with epilepsy must adapt.

Going over the most well-known: pills and sleeping. The very first time I was diagnosed (it happened multiple times, but that’s the subject of an upcoming article), the neurologist told me that if I don’t take the pills exactly 12 hours apart, than it’s useless. Continue reading “Routines and how some aren’t really important”

Dealing with epilepsy

Yet another seizure

A few days ago, I had another seizure. This time, I didn’t see it coming, no aura, no nothing. I wasn’t tired, no more than any other father of a baby, nor was I stressed out because of something.

It just happened. Unfortunately, it happened when I was watching a movie with my wife (and our baby beside) and I scared them a little. The aftermath: a cracked lip, nothing more. Of course, I don’t mention here the usual migraine and extreme fatigue that comes with the territory.

I’m writing about this because something weird and a first-timer happened: Continue reading “Yet another seizure”