Party animal

I have never been a “party animal“. Actually, if I look back, I’ve been to less than 10 parties in my entire life, and I’m 32 years old.

But the discussion is about what is generally perceived as “party animal“. I would say that a “party animal” doesn’t. There are just people enjoying life. If it’s the right way to do it or not, that is not my decision.

Other (non-epileptic) people would say that those persons staying up night after night dancing and drinking from dusk ’til dawn are real party animals. Continue reading “Party animal”

Dealing with epilepsy


Ever since I was diagnosed with epilepsy, everyone told me that all stimulants (alcohol, coffee, drugs – like crystal meth, cocaine etc.) are off-limits because they might cause a seizure. That’s something that all persons with epilepsy are told.

But someone recently told that his neurologist recommended moderation instead of abstinence. If you drink a glass of wine once in a while, it’s ok. That’s something weird. I told my neurologist and he said the same.

So what’s the deal?!? Marijuana is now considered as a possible alternative to current meds even if THC (the active substance) is considered as having stimulant effects.

I never drank, smoked any of the possible stimulants out of principle. I would try medical marijuana, but I am still curious whether or not alcohol, caffeine and so on are still off-limits or just moderation is recommended.


Epilepsy and employment

In relation with my earlier post called “Epilepsy at work sucks“, I got a weird message from a recruiter I once met. It wasn’t a “professional encounter” (aka interview).

He mentioned that, in some countries, it is indeed illegal to ask, in any form, if a person has a chronic disease/disorder. But, in most European countries, there is a practice to ask if “you are a person with a disability” and if you need special assistance for participating in tests/interviews. They actually give a very comprehensive list of diseases/disorders to “choose from“. The list includes epilepsy too. Continue reading “Epilepsy and employment”

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Epilepsy at work sucks

I had many jobs and my CV looks like that of a teenager that worked flipping burgers each summer for some extra cash (except that my jobs didn’t involve burgers).

I wrote before about the only seizure I had at work and how co-workers reacted. That was great.

But, in general, there is a problem, either when having an interview or a few months after the employment. I experienced both. Continue reading “Epilepsy at work sucks”

Dealing with epilepsy

Epilepsy and air travel

Every person with epilepsy that has ever traveled by plane knows this: airport checks are “interesting“.

As I already mentioned in another post, I always travel with the pills I need for the duration of the trip plus an extra 10% as a provision (stored in another pocket/handbag). There’s no problem with this on short trips (1-2 days: city breaks or business travel) when you go through the airport security checks. It’s easy to say “I need 10 pills until I come back tomorrow afternoon“.

But things get complicated when you go on vacation (for a week minimum). Usually, in the EU, you can travel with as many pills you want if you have an explanation. But when you travel outside Europe things change. Continue reading “Epilepsy and air travel”