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Epilepsy and blogging

When I changed the subject of my blog to “Dealing with epilepsy“, many people asked me why. Many were shocked about the fact that I have or might have (in some cases) epilepsy.

I actually wrote about having epilepsy last year, but it doesn’t matter now.

Changing everything was difficult. Creating new logos and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) was interesting, but getting content is far worst.

I had no idea that there were thousands of blogs dealing with epilepsy, but only a few with personal experiences.

I’m searching for tips on what to write on this blog and why. I got some really good insights on Twitter and I’ll write about employment and related issues soon, but what next?!?

Blog · Dealing with epilepsy

Epilepsy on vacation

It’s always interesting┬áto go on vacation: the list-making, packing and unpacking, rushing to the airport, meeting relatives and friends and so on. Personally, I love the first two parts.

It’s even more interesting when you have epilepsy. You have to start your list with counting how many pills you need throughout the vacation, for the trip…and then add 10% to be safe. Continue reading “Epilepsy on vacation”

Dealing with epilepsy

Normality for a person with epilepsy

When I speak (online) with people with epilepsy, most of them say they are trying to live a normal life. Others say they want to feel normal.

So my question was: what is normal for a person with epilepsy?

For me, although I strive to become seizure-free, normal includes my meds, their side-effects, the “white gloves” and many other things. I can’t honestly say that I live and think the same way I didn’t before being diagnosed. Continue reading “Normality for a person with epilepsy”

Blog · Dealing with epilepsy

My Chinese seizure

Back in 2014, I attended a series of meetings in China at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). This was doing for multiple reasons in which I will not go right now.

I had an excruciating long flight departing from Brussels with a stopover in Turkey and onwards to Beijing. Overall, with the stopover included, it took about 15 hours. I slept a little in the plane, but the space between the seats was minuscule. Out of the 9 hours it took to reach Beijing, I slept, perhaps, 1 hour.

Going forward, I reached my hotel (the Friendship Hotel) at around 6 am and had a meeting with my friend Bi at 9 am (see photo below: she’s the one in the middle). In between, I took a shower and opened up my laptop for a quick chat with my wife to tell her that I’m ok. Everything went smoothly: chat, meeting, the entire day in fact. Continue reading “My Chinese seizure”

Dealing with epilepsy

Wishing to have a seizure is interesting

Back during my Bachelor studies, I had to seizures in the first semester: one in the IT lab and the other before my applied math exam. I think I already wrote about them, but anyway… I had two more colleagues (from a different specialization) who also had epilepsy and seizures in that first semester.

One of the things I realized is that some people are using their seizures to get their way through life. I witnessed someone faking a seizure (the aura part anyway) in order to pass an exam. Easy to say she passed the exam.

But, after discussions on epilepsy forums, I realized some people actually wish sometimes to have a seizure. I was curious why so I “studied” myself before and after a seizure. Continue reading “Wishing to have a seizure is interesting”