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Irrelevant professional experience

I moved a lot between the private and the public sector, going from research to policy and consulting. This made my CV to look like it was bombarded.

After applying to a few research jobs and a discussion with a recruiter friend, I drew one conclusion: your CV doesn’t really matter.

By this, I mean that no recruiter (in a broad sense) will read your CV if you do not have those 2, 5 or more years of experience precisely in the field that he/she is looking for. For example, for a research job, if you didn’t work just in research, you don’t stand a chance. Continue reading “Irrelevant professional experience”

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Not everyone makes a difference

I heard time and time again saying that they want to make a difference in life, to leave something behind them when they die.

But thinking a little on the matter reveals this: not everyone is meant to do that. We are not all Einstein(s), Marie Curie, James Hetfield, Frank Lloyd Wright, Elon Musk and so on. The list is pretty long and can go on and on.

Not everyone is meant to do great things in life. We can go on with our small life and routines work-home-work and have fun in the week-ends.

But everyone leaves a print on the way they work. Even if your impact is little, only by educating your children or helping someone with money once, you are making a difference. You don’t necessarily need to know that you are doing this.

I wrote an article a few years ago about helping someone in need. You can find it HERE.

You can impact someone’s life without waiting for credits. Without even feeling good or bad about. You can just do it.

A small difference is still a difference.