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Academia #7: Developing a Global Agricultural Policy

I wrote this article during my postdoc research at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech in Belgium. It tells people why a global policy should be developed to ensure food security and why this policy will never become reality.

The full article is available on HERE. Enjoy your reading!

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Academia #6: The image of the rural entrepreneur

The image of the person willing to start a business in the rural environment appears idealistic, the rural entrepreneur being considered “independent, capable of taking chances, results-oriented, optimistic, confident in their powers, hardworking and innovative”. Also, it was noted that rural entrepreneurship should be clearly focused on creating new workplaces by implementing investments in rural communities.

Courtesy of ISBE UK
Courtesy of ISBE UK

In essence, rural entrepreneurship represents that type of entrepreneurship that is able to offer added value to all type of rural resources (natural, material, financial,human) in rural areas rendering in this process mainly rural-based human resources.