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Academia #5: Better SWOT analyses

Local development strategies have long been a reason for argument because they are developed through outdated methods and procedures that might not show the present situation.

The realization and implementation of the local development strategy in an organized and continuous manner, based on a well realized model, can lead, in a time horizon of 10 years to a rural space development that can be quantified through removing development disparities. READ MORE HERE

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Academia #3: The profile of the rural entrepreneur

The entrepreneurship is a dynamic process in which new companies emerge, present companies grow and those unsuccessful disappear. This represent the main characteristic of the entrepreneurship followed by innovation where new products and services and new production methods are introduced by companies that have identified new market opportunities or better ways of satisfying current demands.

This is best shown in rural entrepreneurship where 
it is crucial for a business to be consumer oriented and have a clear market. A third characteristic of (rural) entrepreneurship is that of small business that tend of identifying with their owners. READ MORE HERE
References have been intentionally left out.
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Academia #2: Food scarcity as a trigger for civil unrest

In its most basic definition, a “food riot” is defined as an expression of competing claims over a limited food supply. A complete definition of “food riot” must consider both the economic and social aspects, while also including the political issues in its analysis.marsden-iran-twitter72Food riots often occur if there is a shortage or an unequal distribution of food. Usually, these are caused by food prices rises, insufficient storage facilities, food speculation,transport problems, hoarding, poisoning of food or pests attacks, weather related factors or many other factors. READ MORE HERE