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Academia #4: Rurbanization

The rurbanization process classifies rural spaces in five different types: rural space in close proximity to major urban centers, rural space used for tourism, rural space with activities diversification, rural space predominantly agricultural and rural space in difficulty.
This classification is based on the proximity of rural communities to major 
urban centers and their influence on rural economic activity. READ MORE HERE

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Misconception #3: the long time unemployed

Many recruiters that I know hold the preconception that, if you have been unemployed for a long time, you lost it. You don`t have the skills to do the job, you don`t have the knowledge up-to-date. Between them, there are different frames for the time frame in which they consider a person as being unemployed for a long time. I heard about periods of 6 months or 1 year. It varies from recruiter to recruiter.

But they do not think that it is possible that those unemployed people might have better knowledge and improved skills.


When you have all the day free, after the whining period at the beginning, you start doing things to be better seen on the job market. You are following daily the new technologies in your field, you learn new specialized software that might give you an edge or to learn languages. It did and I`m still doing all of these and more.

So, to recruiters, do not discriminate people based on the time in which they are unemployed for a long time. You never know if the perfect candidate isn`t one of them.