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Oh! the humanity: Motivated by other people`s drama in movies and songs

I had my last exam for the intermediary course in French. My final test was the verbal expression this Tuesday. It was nice. Easy to describe subject, but, of course, my French wasn’t too good (still have a lot to learn). I had to describe the last movie I saw and tell why did I like or dislike it. I lied a bit. The last movie I saw was Mad Max: Fury Road. Not to easy to describe I would say…and the original with Mel Gibson was much better. Anyway, I describe an all time favorite: The Pianist (with Adrien Brody). I watched, so far, 8 times (out of which 3 times in the same weekend). YOU REALLY NEED TO READ MORE

Not too personal · Old blog

This is something new for me

At the beginning of the year, as I wrote on this blog, I started French classes. Mainly because I was unemployed and needed something to do in the meantime. It`s been 4 months now since I started.

But what I am trying to say (and it seems that I get mixed up in doing this) is that I liked these 4 months. Mostly because of the people. We laughed a lot, copied from one another and got to know each other a bit.


I’m writing this because I wanted to post a photo we took today in class and didn’t want to simply post it on Facebook or here :).