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#GettingPersonal: Farewell to Ana & Costin

Tonight we gave a farewell party for two of our friends moving back to Romania and a birthday party for one of them.

Happy birthday again, Ana!

Here are some photo highlights from tonight:

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#FrenchClass revival: vacation time

I haven’t written anything about my French class this week because…it’s vacation time. Here in Belgium this week is Carnival time (Mardi Gras today and more to come).

Courses will begin again next week and starting March 6th I`ll take my exams, four of them.

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#GettingPersonal “You will be missed”

In the past few years, I had lots of projects, some more interesting than others.

Usually, when I feel my work there is done, I say my goodbyes and start a new project. Other times, something weird happens and bit by bit I fall out of it, not by wish or by accident.

Then I hear some famous words that make me laugh: “You will be missed”.gone-but-not-forgotten

People usually say this thing as a way of saying “Sorry to see you go, but, well, that`s it. We`ll forget you soon enough”. What`s funny is that I heard this expression being using in movies (or real life) many times before, but usually written on a head stone or said¬†at a funeral.

It might take a similar form, but it`s the same. You will be missed = You will be remembered = …..

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Valentine`s Day present for my wife

This year I decided to put my little gray cells to work and give me wife a personal Valentine`s Day present. I haven’t written poetry for years and, when I used to do it, I wrote very gloomy stuff. But here it goes.

It is called “A weird little dream”. READ MY WEIRD LITTLE DREAM!

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What are Climate-Smart Villages?

This story highlights the Climate-Smart Village activities in South Asia

It is not unusual for farmers to give up on agriculture when repeatedly having to deal with erratic and extreme weather events. For Horil Singh, a farmer from Rajapakar in India, changes in the summer temperatures and delayed rainfall severely affected his crop planning.

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