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My New Year`s Resolutions

I never wrote my New Year`s resolution down. I always wished, in my head, to do something in the new year that I didn`t do or achieve in the one that passes.

But now, because I really want to do them, I will write them down and update them on this blog as I complete each.

1. Have a baby

2. Learn a new language at least at conversational level.happy-new-year-2015-wallpapers (16)

3. Find a new job.

4. Don`t redesign this blog in the new year.

5. Write twice a week on this blog, at least in the first six months.

6. Write the second part of my short story and get it published (on Smashwords). The first part is called A dreamer`s guide to reality.

7. Start working out (I really need the exercise, but, so far, I was too lazy).

These are my New Year`s resolutions. I`ll update when completed just to make sure that I follow-up.

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The death of capitalism as we know it

My wife asked me (I don`t remember the context) if I believe that, in the near future, the multi-nationals will disappear and we would return to a society in which smallholder farmers would be the main source of food. She was mainly referring to an agrarian society.

Brooks Adams (among others) believed (and wrote in his “Theory of Social Revolutions”) that capitalism will be replaced by another system in which the distribution of wealth would change and in which current political systems would be replaced.

thomas jeffersonThomas Jefferson once said that “Every generation needs a revolution”, while Emma Goldman mentioned that “no real social change has ever been brought about without revolution. Revolution is but thought carried into action”.

Here is what I think

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A short Harry Potter post

I watched last week the entire Harry Potter series and this week I started reading the books. I don`t know why, but I just did it.

Reading the books and watching the movies remembered me, again, why I should just read the books without watching the movies before.


Reading gives you more details and thrills you more than the movie, although the special effects of a movie makes all these vivid.

One of the details that the first movie missed is how Harry ended up at the Dursley`s and what happened between that moment and when he got the invitation to Hogwarts. It`s an interesting read. Some other details escaped the writers and director of the movies, although you could expect that as even a feature movie is pretty short in comparison with a book.

And you shouldn`t choose the easy way out :).

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Update to Misconception #1: the things which people with chronic illnesses hate

I wrote two days ago the article on what people with chronic illnesses hate the most (besides the illness itself). See the article HERE.

The main purpose of the article was not to tell people that I have epilepsy or to take something off my soul. The idea was to explain to people what they do (around someone with chronic illnesses) and why they shouldn’t do anymore.

It`s funny: after people found out about my epilepsy, the first thing they did was to behave as they shouldn’t have done it. They sent me sympathy emails, Skype and Facebook messages in which they explained that they support me and that they are right behind me. As I said, it`s funny :). The real thing to read about

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Is God dead?

A few days ago, I watched “God is dead”, a movie from 2014 with a good story, but crappy directing. The story is around a debate between a college student and his philosophy professor on whether God exists or not.

As always, the main argument of an atheist (or agnostic) is that, if God would exist, he wouldn`t allow for natural disasters, illnesses, crimes to exist. We would all live in a perfect world. The main argument of a believer is that “God works in mysterious ways” and we should never question it.

Both are valid arguments if you think about it.

Another argument that I`ve heard from non-believers is that God doesn`t answers when you ask him for help. The counter argument is that, sometimes, the answer is no, but we don`t want to hear it. Once in a while, the story of a vengeful God appears (see the stories of Noah and Moses in the Bible for this). My opinion is that…